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Black and White, flashes and action! SUITEBLANCO

SUITEBLANCOBlack and White, flashes and action! SUITEBLANCO introduces novelties in its Spring Summer 2014 collection through the beauty and the aptitude of the Brazilian top model Izabel Goulart.

The definition of the body outlines is one of the keys in all the looks that the spanish brand, inspired by a very feminine and contemporary woman, proposes.
The collection star: the black and white monochrome. The counterpoint: fuchsia, yellow and blue in its lightest shade or in a denim context. Color games benefit the bet for cosmopolitan style garments.

As unique pieces the slim dresses stand out thanks to the use of neoprene, semi transparencies, dizzying backs or fullness skirts; details which turn them into it garments. In turn, the outfits are based on combinations which are captivating by its simplicity. Shirts with basic cuts and draped, fluent or crop style tops. Pleated and masculine style trousers or the eternal and seductive jeans for casual times.

Clutches become this time into the essential pieces of the accessories collection and a flashy snake print is what makes them awesome.


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