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Beaulieu believe and feelinge the special Nature
Pay a visit to Beaulieu on Sunday, 24th March and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the picturesque gardens where, at this time of year, an abundance of beautiful blooms herald the arrival of spring.
The banks of the dry moat surrounding the Montagu family home, Palace House, and the lawns of the adjacent Wilderness Garden, which dates back to the 1770s, are a mass of colour with thousands of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils carpeting the grounds.
Join Victorian gardener, Ruben Moore, on a Spring Flowers tour and view the stunning mass of 15 different varieties of daffodil that flower throughout the early spring, adding a riot of colour to Beaulieu’s extensive gardens.
In the Ornamental Vegetable Kitchen Garden, laid out on the site of the original 1872 Palace House kitchen garden, planting is in progress for the summer’s crop of fruit and vegetables, while in the Victorian Flower Garden, created in recognition of the Victorians’ interest in plants and gardens, the shrubs in the herbaceous border are emerging from their winter slumber.
Experience the peace and tranquillity of the walled Cloisters and herb garden within the ruins of 13th century Beaulieu Abbey. One of the surviving buildings, the Domus, now houses a film presentation and exhibition of Monastic life, and a series of embroidered wall hangings depict scenes from the Abbey’s history.
The beautiful rooms and treasures of Palace House are also well worth a visit. Built around the Great Gatehouse of the Abbey, the house is now kept in the style of its later Victorian additions. History comes alive as real Victorian characters, the Butler, Footman and Housemaids, give a fascinating insight into life ‘Upstairs and Downstairs’ in a Victorian country house.
Whilst at Beaulieu you can also see the National Motor Museum, with its collection of over 250 vehicles from every motoring era, plus World Land Speed Record Breakers and F1 racers. Take a ride on ‘Wheels’, a fascinating journey through 100 years of motoring, and see the museum’s acclaimed exhibition BOND IN MOTION, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise with 50 original vehicles from the films.
And before leaving, why not complete your visit with a delicious afternoon Cream Tea in the Brabazon Restaurant.


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