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Back to the dreamy elegance in Vogue Italia
The gaze turns to the great cinema of the past. And fashion rediscovers a dreamy gracefulness, almost detached and highly sensual. A refined and linear elegance, consisting of precious fabrics and perturbing combinations.
The protagonist of these fashion pages possesses a disquieting and magnetic beauty, a turbid charm, surprising chiaroscuros that go back in time and take us to the golden age of cinema noir in Hollywood.
Fatale, secret figures. Women that carry their elegance with an obscure, slightly ambiguous and dreamy grace, interwoven with pure white and dark lace, delicate embroidery and precious textures. A perturbing elegance, at times highlighted by unusual combinations: such as the PVC and studs of a trench coat with the silk georgette of a bcbg blouse; or where the strength of the leather and the delicateness of a hand-embroidered plastron give life to a dress characterized by a classically contemporary allure…

Back to the dreamy elegance in Vogue Italia

by Vogue Italia Photos by Paolo Roversi

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