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At the M.A.D. Gallery, an electric guitar is a piece of art!
The M.A.D. Gallery is delighted to present the 'Rhodium Birdfish' by Ulrich Teuffel, a beautifully hand-made modular electric guitar featuring two-piece aluminium body; interchangeable wooden tone bars; headless maple neck; and sliding pickups that can be swapped in seconds. Working by himself in his Bavarian atelier Ulrich crafts most of the guitar components by hand. He revels in every single step of the process which is hugely time-intensive meaning he produces only ten birdfish guitars per year!

The cylindrical tone bars are aligned sideways from the middle of the guitar to provide a percussive, twangy attack. The model in the M.A.D. Gallery is a Rhodium Prodigy Birdfish which has quilted maple-wood tone bars (and as a second set Honduran mahogany tone bars).
The unique design of the birdfish has helped it to become one of the most iconic guitars of all time. It has been hailed in books and specialist magazines, won three major design awards, is displayed in museums, and become an exclusive addition to private guitar collections.
Birdfish owners include Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top or Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist and songwriter of Metallica – who was ecstatic about it when he came back from his tour a few years back. Of course, the birdfish’s radical design can polarise guitar aficionados, and Ulrich understands that it might take a leap of faith to feel comfortable owning – and playing – one.

The Rhodium Prodigy Birdfish – yes, that is the name of this stunning, totally unorthodox guitar – has only been crafted five times to date.

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