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At Jaquet Droz, the Ateliers d'Art answer to elegance alone.
Following the tradition of writing ever present in the magic of the automata and perpetuated by The Time Writing Machine and The Signing Machine (both presented at Baselworld), the brand known by its twin stars, in collaboration with its artisan craftsmen, is offering a collection of matching writing instruments and cufflinks for the very first time.

To pursue the mineral theme dear to Jaquet Droz, onyx was a natural choice. The brand unveils a set of accessories comprising a pair of cufflinks in stainless steel and onyx, coupled with a palladium-plated and black resin pen with retractable clip and tip mechanism. Black - the most potent of colors, but also the most distinguished - mirrors the depths of the earth. A flawlessly smooth and uniform surface throws back the light rather than absorbing it. There is depth and life here, as well as all the elegance of evening attire. The set offers a masterclass in restrained sophistication with its two Jaquet Droz stars in 18-carat white gold, striking in their intensity.

The theme of enamel, a true icon of the brand, has inspired accessories that enhance the eternal appeal of Jaquet Droz timepieces. To guarantee you always sign in your finest hand, the 18-carat red gold-plated and ivory resin model with retractable clip and tip mechanism is the ideal companion for life. The barrel end cap features an ivory enamel disc where two star appliques in 18-carat red gold find an answering reflection in the pair of cufflinks. This ultimate touch of finesse showcases the elegance of Jaquet Droz.

Continuing the Ateliers d'Art theme, the artisans drew inspiration from the Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons to create a writing instrument that honors the work of the engraver and the sculptor. Engraved floral motifs complement the barrel end cap with its hand-engraved bird applique in 18-carat red gold. Limited to a series of 88, the pen is accompanied by a pair of cufflinks in red gold where the bird reappears, in full flight. Once again, a sense of wonder is inevitable.

Finally, to complete these sets that are the epitome of refinement, the Art of paillonné enameling is given pride of place on a pair of cufflinks. Each one incorporates a blue enamel disc requiring numerous attempts to achieve the perfect result: a superlative blue, deep, smooth and free from impurities. It intensifies the effect of the 18-carat red gold paillons, which our artisans have positioned symmetrically by hand. These cufflinks elevate the Jaquet Droz timepieces with a regal aspect to even greater heights.

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