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ASVOFF & PERONI IN CANNES: A SPECIAL MOMENT THAT COMBINES LEISURE AND RELEVANT CONTENT IN A CANNES CONTEXT For the second year in a row, Diane Pernet's fashion film festival ASVOFF descended upon the Festival de Cannes, the cinema industry's most illustratious event of the year. A evening that personified the importance of ASVOFF, a veritable crossroads of the fashion, cinema and music industries.
The evening's starstudded program included a special selection of ASVOFF short fashion films involving Stuart Blumberg, Bryan Adams, Erwin Olaf, Ellen Von Unwerth... starring fashion and film muses: Elodie Bouchez, Marisa Tomei, Michael Shannon.
Exclusive screenings of guest filmmaker Julien Landais latest films featuring France's new generation of actors and actresses: Der Doppelganger with Alain Fabien Delon and Inside Me with Nora Amezeder.
Followed by a special screening ofTravelling at Night with Jim Jarmusch, a documentary by Léa Rinaldi, an intimate behind the scenes filming of Only Lovers Left Alive a feature film starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston.
Giving a closer look at how fashion and film have long been bedfellows, ASVOFF invited American filmmaker/artist Vincent Gagliostro to present his short film A Darling Party that features Oscar winning costume designer, Julie Harris, for work in the John Schlesinger film, Darling.
Topping off the night's entertainment, ASVOFFs iSpecial Guest DJ Bertrand Burgalat, world-renowned musicien, producer, composer, arranger, mixed the guests an eclectic soundscape of French classics and obscure beats.

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