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APOT.CARE APOT.CARE is an anti-aging treatment that works with active ingredients used in ophthalmology. The reason is that corneal cells and skin cells are very similar and develop from the same embryonic cells.

Antoine Le Galloudec, the man behind APOT.CARE, says:
„My dream was to develop a dermatological brand with the greatest respect for the skin. Here, my goal was to transfer the high quality standard of medicine to cosmetics.“

La Galloudec, the charming Frenchman and beauty-savvy, who stems from a pharmaceutical family, had the perfect qualifications to implement his ambitious idea.

APOT.CARE offers effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle solutions that bring back youthful glow. "The facial skin looks visibly brighter
and smoother," says Le Galloudec. A more even and refined complexioncompletes the firming effect.

See for yourself! Discover the highly effective care of!

The warm summer days will soon be here and we have the perfect skin refreshment for you:

The new Rose Dust Spray by A4 Cosmetics:

The light formula based on Damascus rose and Swiss spring water harmonizes and revitalizes the skin immediately and simultaneously
nurtures with intensive moisture and new energy. The purity of the deep spring water in this toning skincare gives your skin a fresh dose of vitality.

Are you travelling or going on holiday?
Then we have everything you need in one set!

The A4 Luxury Travel Set has been compiled so that you can have all your important beauty products with you and also pass through
any security checks. The A4 set meets all the transport safety guidelines and newest airport regulations.

Discover with us the boundary between medicine and cosmetic!

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