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And the winner is MYKITA
MYKITA products have already picked up four high-profile design awards this year! 
A summary of our most recent accolades:
The MYKITA LITE concept triumphed at the 2013 German Design Awards – an annual honour bestowed by the German Design Council for outstanding product design excellence. The LITE series constitutes MYKITA’s lightest metal frame concept to date. These glasses have a newly developed, simplified screwless hinge system – meaning that each frame is solely composed of three pieces. Meanwhile the internationally renowned jury for the 2012 International Design Award (IDA) selected the SIGUR model from the collection for first prize in the Accessory category. 
And the winner is MYKITA
This year has also already seen accolades for the design and product features of MYKITA MYLON, a patented polyamide-based material that can be individually adjusted to the wearer. The BASKY model won the 2013 red dot design award in the product design category. In addition, the MYKITA MYLON collection/concept was among the Top 10 nominees for the 2013 Industriepreis.
And the winner is MYKITA luxury
The MYKITA EIGHT book, a retrospective of the last eight years, tracks the company’s progress from its first steps. The book provides an insight into life behind the scenes at the modern manufactory, and features original works by selected artists illustrating their impressions of MYKITAThe book picked up its fourth distinction: the 2013 iF communication design award, a prestigious hallmark of top-calibre design.

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