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"Made in Italy” and Italian footwear excellence are at the heart of the new promotional campaign of ANCI, Italy's National Footwear Industry Association, marked by the claim "THE MADE-IN-ITALY THAT CONQUERED THE WORLD".

The protagonist of the 2013 campaign is a veritable platoon of female legs from across the globe, an image that sends out a clear and significant message: wear Italian shoes and you can conquer the world. Italian shoes have always been synonymous with quality, innovation and design. These features are recognised and appreciated worldwide, thanks to a manufacturing tradition that makes them timeless and unique: not merely accessories, but fully-fledged symbols of style that have become must-haves for men and women who love quality and beauty, and who love to feel comfortable, without ever sacrificing the unique and unmistakable traits of Italian manufacturing.
The all-Italian identity of the campaign is expressed not only in the colours of the shoes - green, white and red, representing the national flag, and indeed Italy, in the world - but also in the message they evoke in terms of reliability and tradition.

The new advertising campaign sums up visually the values ​​that ANCI has always believed in and that contribute to the strength and distinctiveness of Italian footwear in the world. With this campaign the Association endorses Italian footwear excellence, serving as an ambassador for quality, both at home and abroad.

The launch of the new advertising campaign forms part of ANCI's general policy of renewal, which aims to give great international impetus to the promotion of Italian prestige and excellence in the footwear sector through a radical image restyling dictated by a new philosophy.

In the context of the Association's intense internationalisation program, the new advertising campaign will touch on the cities at the centre of the fashion system and of the world markets, including Dusseldorf, Las Vegas, Milan, Munich, Moscow, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Anci: new world-conquering campaign for Italian-made footwear.

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