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An International Projects' Platform by #PittiUomo + W
Pitti Uomo 87 is not just the key international trade event for men’s fashions and contemporary lifestyle trends, but also a global platform for presenting important fashion research projects, the result of the collaboration between Pitti Immagine and important players on the world fashion scene. Pitti Uomo is a catalyst for ideas and trends, reflecting the multi-colored international creative scenario of which this event is the natural representation. Here is some advance news about the next edition:

For several editions, the Fondazione Pitti Discovery has set aside an area for the new stars on the international creative and business scene with the aim of promoting exchange and mutual understanding. In cooperation with the Russian Federation’s Ministry for Trade and Industry, this edition’s Guest Nation will be Russia, a country that has distinguished itself in fashion research during the past few seasons and is definitely on the “watch list”. Pitti W will be showcasing the collections of a selection of talented Russian fashion designers, while men’s collections by other Russian fashion firms will be featured in the various sections of P
itti Uomo.

The womenswear brands already confirmed include: Alena Akhmadullina, Cap America, FY:R, Galetsky, Lovelies by LT, Sorry I Am Not and some of the men’s collections are: 075, Infundibulum, Leonid Alexeev and Pirosmani.

This edition of Pitti Uomo will include the debut of an extraordinary and original location in the Fortezza da Basso, Archivi. The two adjacent twin spaces – a total of 800 square meters in a setting which has a post-industrial allure – that will host Pitti Uomo 87 new projects such as BORN IN THE USA by Liberty Fairs. A new project which is the child of the cooperation with one of the world’s most interesting trade fair organizations, Liberty Fairs, the U.S. fairs created by Sam Ben-Avraham. With BORN IN THE USA by Liberty Fairs, Liberty and Pitti Immagine will bring over 20 of the best, born-and-made in the USA brands to the Fortezza da Basso – an attentive mix & match of proposals ranging from classic styles to sportswear.

Some of the brands attending are: American Trench, BKC/The Brooklyn Circus, Dehen 1920, Dickies 1922 / Palmer Trading, Filson, Frank Clegg, Freenote, Imogene + Willie, Knickerboker Mfg Co, Krammer & Stoudt, MSL Billy Reid, Norman Russell, Oak Street Bootmakers, Quoddy, Red Wing, Save Khaki, Schott NYC / Perfecto by Schott, Shinola, The Hillside and Upstate Stock.

A focus on the excellence of men’s fashion from SWEDEN Further confirmation of the wealth and quality of the international presence at Pitti Uomo 87 comes from another project organized by Pitti Immagine with Business Sweden and VisitSweden, the Swedish Fashion Council and the Association of Fashion brands, which will feature a special selection of Swedish fashion brands with a high level of innovation.
Staged on the first floor of the Quinte Teatro, a collective of Swedish designers that are making a name for themselves on the international fashion scene will present their men’s fashion collections to the international audience of buyers and journalists attending the fair.

Some of the brands attending are: Army of Me, Bread & Boxers, Nikolaj d'Etoiles, Nor Autonom, The Case Factory and Whyred.

Turkish Leather Brands in cooperation with L’Uomo Vogue celebrates the creativity of the Turkish fashion industry with a focus on leather items: a capsule collection will showcase leather garments realized by Andrea Incontri and entirely made in Turkey; plus a special Art Book will turn the spotlight on a selection of Turkish designers and their leather creations. A special event will be held to celebrate this project on Tuesday January 13th in the setting of Palazzo Capponi.

An International Projects' Platform#Pitti Immagine
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