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“Always do better than necessary” - Georges-Édouard Piaget
“Always do better than necessary” - Georges-Édouard Piaget
“Always  do  better  than  necessary,”  the  motto  and  guiding  principle  that has  defined  Piaget since its founding in 1874, could easily be appliedto the stunning new coffee table book dedicated to  the  Maison.   Titled,  Piaget,  the  book tells  the  story  of  this  bold  jeweler  and watchmaker from when the 19-year old Georges-Édouard Piaget founded his business in La Côte-aux-Fées to present day. Written  by  Florence  Müller, Piaget  watchmakers  and  jewellers  since  1874 (Abrams  Press) features lush  photography from  Steve Hiett and  Philippe  Garcia,  along  with  excerpts  from  Yves  Piaget, Philippe Léopold-Metzger, CEO of Piaget, and watch and jewelry specialists including Aurel Bacs, Michel Grantcola and Gérard Lerouxel, among others.

F. Müller takes readers deep into the extravagant world of Piaget, chronicling each decade of the House’s rich 140 year history, and highlighting keymilestones such as the birth of the Manufacture, the opening of the first Piaget Salon, Piaget’s long-standing relationship with the sport of polo, and the House’s aggressive global expansion.

It is a visual feast, portraying Piaget’s unique style and sensibility with never-before-seen renderings of  jewelry  and  watches, iconic  ads  from  the  60s  and 70s,  the  House’s  privileged  ties  with  world famous artists, including Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol,Arman, Hans Erni and Pierre et Gilles, and the  creative  jewelry  and timepieces that  the  international  jet-set, the  likes  of Elizabeth  Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Marisa Berenson and Ursula Andress, once wore.

Piaget  has  also  defined  itself  as the  leader  in  the field of fine-watchmaking and  ultra-thin movements.  The  book  documents  the  Maison’s  manufacturing  know-how  and  expertise,  in particular  its  gold  and  gem  setting  techniques  and  its  impressive  collection  of  ultra-thin movements, including complications and world records. These mechanical marvels, along with the elegant and avant-garde watch and jewelry designs that have often taken the world by storm, are all integral  to  Piaget’s  DNA  and  have  established  it as  an  icon  of excellence.  This  ode  to  the  famed House is a must-have for anyone who is sensible to beauty, style and elegance.

Author:  Florence Müller  is a graduate of the  Institut d’art et d’archéologieand the  École du Louvre. A former director and curator of the  Union française des arts du costume au Musée des Arts de la Mode et du Textile, she commissions exhibitions, is a teacher – notably at the  Institut français de la mode, and the author of several books on fashion.

Photographers:  A  great  master  of  photography,  Steve  Hiett made  a  name  for  himself  in  the fashion world in the 1970s. His highly distinctive imagination and skilled use of the flash became his signature: bold colours, bright light and intriguing blondes. He has worked with publications such as Elle, Vogue andMarie-Claire.

Philippe  Garcia  brings  a  unique  view  of  still  life  and  treats  his  objects  like  sculptures.  He  has published  a  number  of  works  with  the  Éditions  de  La  Martinière,  including  Longchamp  and  La Porcelaine signée Raynaud-Limoges.  He  is  a  regular  contributor  to  Madame Figaro, les Inrockuptibles  and Architectural Digest...




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