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Alluring texture and graphic silhouettes by GIANVITO ROSSI
Gianvito Rossi's collection for fall-winter 2011-2012 is a
balanced blend of fine materials and sculpted surfaces,
fur inserts and matte & shiny effects that come to life
on sleek styles that are the natural continuation of a wom-
an's silhouette.  
The d'Orsay ankle-strap stiletto -- the "it" shoe
of the season -- features graceful, harmonious lines. 
Edgy low-cut booties are joined by sexy corset-style
ankle-boots and sensuous pumps in shades of electric blue
or amaranth or with hot couture straps. 
The daytime segment of the collection prefers more
constructed shapes with urban appeal. Structured rubber
soles and platforms are the ideal base for urban booties in
mocha brushed calf leather with a tone-on-tone fur
tongue peeking out from behind the technical closure. Slightly
rounded ankle strap shoes introduce a series of
total black footwear that ends with boots with a totally
fur-covered bootleg that are perfect for the wintry weather. 
The mostly soft,
rounded shapes gradually make room for ultra-light, tapered silhouettes that
incarnate the
more trendy fashion segment of the collection.  
Often presented with 11 cm heels, these ultra-light shoes
are the purest expression of Gianvito Rossi style, the
quintessence of subtle yet edgy sensuality. Next winter,
that mood is expressed through the metallic gleam of
glossy leathers combined with fur details, the sparkle of
tiny rhinestones applied all over suede to create a tex-
tured effect, and the use of luxurious materials such as
matte-finish crocodile and python in the signature colors
of the season: rock gray and amaranth. 
The ladylike, eighties-style d'Orsay stiletto is sleek and
essential when it comes in multicolored patent leather in
shades of rock gray, lapis and amaranth, and ironic and
theatrical when embellished with mink details in the
same shade that are as graceful and curvy as a vaulted
Super shiny sandals leave the foot barely covered with
crisscrossing gold metallic leather straps and tiny rhines-
tones. Meanwhile, sexy rock gray cuissard boots are updated
with corset-like laces and trim that hug the leg.
Ankle boots in black stretch leather are as fierce as an
Completing the collection is the Chainy Bag, a bandoleer bag
with baguette closure and chain and leather shoul-
der strap. After making its debut in the summer 2011
collection, it returns for the winter in amaranth patent
leather, rock gray python, and mocha leather. 
Sneakers, which were also introduced last spring-summer and
are now an all-year item of the designer label,
come in a winter version with hiking boot laces and
shearling trim for a wild and sporty look.

Textura atraente e silhuetas gráficas, uma expressão da mais
pura e estética arquitetura.
Materiais de luxo e um toque de glamour dos anos oitenta.
Gianvito Rossi lança sua coleção para outono-inverno 2011-2012 com uma mistura
equilibrada de materiais finos e superfícies esculpidas,
inserções de pele e efeitos foscos e brilhantes que ganham vida em estilos
elegantes que são a continuação natural de uma mulher. É uma silhueta.
Muitas vezes apresentada com 11 saltos cm, estes sapatos ultra-leves são a mais
pura expressão de estilo Gianvito Rossi, a
quintessência da sensualidade sutil, mas nervosa. A dama, de estilo anos
oitenta d'Orsay stiletto é elegante e essencial quando se trata em couro
multicoloridos em tons de rocha cinzenta, lápis e amaranto, irônico e teatral quando embelezada
com detalhes de vison no mesmo tom que são tão graciosos e curvy como um teto abobadado.


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