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Ajourée Collection by The Maison Boucheron
The Maison Boucheron welcomes three new creations to the Ajourée Collection. The three individual
designs, the Ajourée Bouquet D’Ailes, Ajourée Amvara and Ajourée Héra, take inspiration from nature to
create truly mesmerising timepieces.

The Ajourée Héra is a dreamlike and masterful piece, with a peacock fanning its tail like a courtship
display. The peacock’s tail ends in a fan of oceli, created using paved diamonds and blue sapphires set
off with sculpted half-moon chalcedonies and pear-cut sapphires. In Greek mythology the peacock was
a favourite creature of Hera, the goddess of women and marriage. It also symbolizes fertility and

In Sanskrit, amvara means infinite piece. In the Ajourée Amvara, it is symbolized by a snake that curls
around the case in a three-dimensional figure eight. Available in two models, the case is made of white
gold and set with diamonds, one with baguette-cut diamonds down the back of the snake, while the
other is set entirely with round diamonds throughout the design. Frédéric Boucheron gave his wife a
snake necklace in 1888 as a promise of a happy life together, and from that point on the snake was
known as a symbol of protection and has never left the Maison, becoming a talisman.

The final creation in the collection, the Ajourée Bouquet D’Ailes, is a hymn to the beating of wings,
symbolizing spirituality and the soul’s desire for transcendence. Differing in size, colour and spirit, each
wing is unique, with the large wings decorated in gradations of pink, yellow and orange sapphires, which
are combined with amethysts outlined in gold and diamonds.

All inscribed with Frédéric Boucheron’s motto, "I count only the joyful hours”, the Ajourée Collection
combines symbolic references from the Maison’s history with classical undertones and talismanic
properties to protect and delight the wearer throughout time.

The Maison Boucheron welcomes three new creations to the Ajourée Collection.
By Emma Beckett PR
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