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Africa Fashion Week in fashion capitals concept
Adiat Disu and Associates, a diversified media and communications company promoting global entrepreneurs, presented its Master Class "Off the Runway" with the United Nations Foundation during the fifth annual Africa Fashion Week on Thursday, September 4 at 6pm at the United Nations Foundation offices.  

Natalie Africa, Director, Private Sector Engagement, Every Woman Every Child, UN Foundation and  Nkruka Chemelu who manages the UN Global Compact’s Africa region,  welcomed guests of the evening with greetings and introductions  about their work  and reasons for working with Adiat Disu & Associates on the Master Class,  Off the Runway.

 Adiat Disu, Director of Adiat Disu & Associates then opened the session, detailing the purpose of the event. “New York, the  epicenter of the Fashion World is home to some of the most innovative and creative designers -especially up-and comers. From the catwalks to the sidewalks, it is a well-known fact that if you can make it here, you'll succeed anywhere.  

However,  let’s step OFF THE RUNWAY - away from the glitz and glamour of the runway, and speak economics.

Fashion is vital to New York and in many fashion capitals - more than 800 fashion companies are located in New York, supporting more than 175,000 jobs and generating billions of dollars in revenue.

We are creating and providing a different portal for entrepreneurs to develop themselves, and engage in potential partnerships.”


The night was hosted by Eunice Omole who is a success catalyst, runner up in "The Apprentice Africa" and Executive Producer for the television series "Africa's Top 100 Entrepreneurs."


A.O Solomon

A. O Solomon is A walking ministry, motivational and inspirational leader and founder of Shadow of the Almighty Ministries. Standing in front of the conference table, Solomon spoke about keeping faith in all that you do.

Bisila Bokoko

Bisila Bokoko is the CEO, Founder of Bisila Bokoko Embassy International and Bisila Bokoko Africa Literacy Project.


David Tlale

David Tlale, award winning designer and South African fashion designer spoke about the vision he had of owning a luxury brand. He started his company by trading under his own name, honoring his vision by being authentic.


Kithe Brewster

Kithe Brewster is a celebrity stylist who has worked for celebrity clients such as Tyra Banks and Beyonce.

Nana Poku

Nana Poku is the CEO and founder of 54 Kingdoms, CEO of creative and media operating group CAMOG and an assistant professor at Central Connecticut State University.

Zandile Blay

Zandile Blay is a managing partner for BDM. Blay spoke about the story behind a company. Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Executing the story has three components to it:


Zara Okpara

Zara Okpara is a PR and Media Relations Director of Jewel by Lisa.

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