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A Third of British Adults Generously Donate Food Over Christmas
Despite the chaos and excitement of the festive period, almost a third (32%) of the British public have remembered vulnerable people in need by generously donating food to those in need across the country, according to a new survey published today.
The survey also reveals the generosity across the Britain, as the North West comes out on top as the most generous region (39%), ahead of Wales (38%), South East (37%) and Scotland (37%).

The survey goes on to show that more females (38%) have donated than their male counterparts (26%), while the youngest 18-24 age group is the most generous (38%)  when it comes to food donations in the lead up to Christmas.   
Food poverty continues to be a serious issue across the UK despite the economic recovery, as figures published by the Trussell Trust last week showed the number of people helped by food banks in the first half of the 2014-15 financial year is 38% higher than numbers helped during the same period last year.

The survey of 2,030 people, by YouGov*, commissioned by Tesco, comes as the latest Neighbourhood Food Collection is launched, where customers are encouraged to donate food to those in need at Tesco stores right across the country.  This is the fifth Neighbourhood Food Collection since 2012.

Food donations to the Neighbourhood Food Collection benefit a range of people across the country, with donations going to either FareShare, a food redistribution charity, or food banks charity The Trussell Trust. Tesco provides a 30% top up to the charities based on the collective weight of donated goods.

To date, the campaign has collected 15.3million meals for people in need since 2012, and the target this year is to provide more than 20million meals. The 15.3 million meals includes the 30% top-up, permanent & local collections, plus surplus food provisions. Neighbourhood Food Collection relies on and is bolstered by volunteers.

Tesco is calling for customers to go instore to donate food to designated food collection points. Follow @Tesco for the latest news and use #everycanhelps to find out more about the initiative. Tesco will also be raising money for the FareShare and the Trussell Trust through the sale of special Christmas  hats and cards this year.

A Third of British Adults Generously Donate Food Over Christmas

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