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A sunny ACT to follow
It’s a fact: 25 million liters of water are heated each year, Baht 2.7 million is saved annually and 435 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are reduced yearly.  These are the results achieved by Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok and from having the largest solar energy system installed in any hotel in Thailand.  Not deterred by the massive undertaking, the engineering mind of Boonjung Kullayut is constantly working to optimize the system and to improve the reliability of the solar panels that cover over 938-square-meters (10,096-square-feet).

As part of its series of "Enchanting Excursions”, Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo has teamed with ryokan specialist Hoshino Resorts to introduce three new resort locations.  Timed for autumn when the Japanese landscape is vibrant in seasonal yellows and burning reds, the destinations -- about an hour by bullet train from the hotel -- include KAI Hakone in Hakone Yumoto, a mountain resort; KAI Atami, a 1,200-year-old seaside resort on Izu Peninsula; and Hoshino Resorts’ flagship ryokan in Karuizawa, which is surrounded by mountains and forest.

Coffee breaks are no longer intervals between meeting sessions, but interactive intermissions to refresh and engage delegates.  At Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen serving beverages and snacks has taken on a whole new concept, and event organizers are now able to select from coffee breaks themed on the street-side cafés of Hong Kong, a Mr. Bean movie set and even in a gymnasium.  The hotel can even organize coffee breaks around other themes: New York deli, chicken and egg story, herb garden, traditional Chinese medicine and Prison Break.
Shangri-La Bulletin dispatch from Bangkok, Tokyo, Brisbane, Maldives, and Shenzhen
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