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With their unmatched clarity and beauty, diamonds embody all the preciousness of the moment. Spontaneous, memorable and brilliant: the most exquisitely cut stones evoke the “now”. Piaget presents Limelight Diamonds, a collection of captivating fine jewellery watches that pair the charm of solitaires with the art of fine watchmaking. With a case inspired by the shape of iconic diamond cuts, each timepiece is elegantly set with one carat of fine diamonds, a statement of feminine elegance.

Piaget Limelight Diamonds watches are designed to celebrate the moment in refined luxury. Every piece, an expression of Piaget’s elaborate artistry in jewellery, pays tribute to the magic of time, with the fitting motto “A Single Moment Embraced in a Diamond”. Designed for the independent woman who lives for the present, these “solitaires of watchmaking” are a special gift to herself or a stylish way to mark her own life milestones. With the intense fire and lasting beauty of a solitaire diamond scintillating around her wrist, Limelight Diamonds are destined to become lifelong treasures.

Anchored in Piaget’s rich fine jewellery heritage, the shape of these watches finds inspiration in the timeless designs and the know-how that are distinctly Piaget. The emerald shape of the watch case mirrors the traditional rectangular cut from Piaget’s fine jewellery collections, while the horizontal oval of the second variation has become a signature of Piaget watchmaking and is reminiscent of the legendary Casino.

The emerald cut timepiece comes in two variations. While both are crafted from white gold set with just over 1 carat of exquisite diamonds, one features a contrasting black lacquer dial, and the other displays a white gold dial delicately embellished with pavé diamonds. The horizontal oval solitaire timepieces mirror these two combinations of black lacquer and diamonds, and pavé diamonds delivering additional brilliance. Graceful and refined, the radiance of the precious stones is enhanced with a subtle and feminine strap in black satin with a white gold ardillon buckle set with a single diamond.

Limelight Diamonds is the sophisticated marriage of diamonds, elegance in design and fine watchmaking. Through the eternal quality of a diamond, a memory born today will last forever in the fire and the sparkle of the precious stone. Capture the instant. A single moment embraced in a diamond


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