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A pen is the device that expresses
Generosity should be a simple gesture, but complexity
defines the choosing of corporate gifts, for they need to express many things.
A truly appropriate present should thank a client, an employee, or an investor
in a way that is both professional and personal, while demonstrating a sense of
occasion, reflecting thoughtfulness of the part of the benefactor, and,
ideally, consummate taste.

A pen is the device that expresses the defining mark of an
individual’s identity: one’s signature. Realising that its pens are
highly-coveted, and capable of expressing whatever its users need to say – from
the artistic to the spiritual to the practical – Montegrappa now offers a wide
selection of its pens as the ideal gifts to promote a business, or simply as a
way to say thank-you to a deserving recipient.

Montegrappa’s Parola, Fortuna, Espressione and NeroUno
families each possess a specific look, the styles suiting different corporate
profiles and requirements. They range from contemporary to classical, with
assorted colours personalising further the sentiment being expressed. Moreover,
Montegrappa can provide custom levels of corporate identification,
accommodating logos or individuals’ names.

Luxurious and desirable, a Montegrappa writing instrument is
a gift that any recipient would be delighted to acquire. It stays with the
owner, in a pocket or purse, finding purpose at work, when travelling, or –
most personally of all – when adding an entry to one’s diary or memoirs.

Just as a Montegrappa pen will forever communicate its
owner's thughts, the initial presentation, as a well-deserved gift, will make a
statement as memorable as any.

 Montegrappa Writing Instruments: Corporate Gifts of Distinction

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