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A Night Story by jewelry SCHO
Sarah Cho was born in Seoul, raised in Namibia, spent her high
school years in the United States, until her final destination to Paris
where the brand is based. This vital experience is undeniably present in
her work, claiming the nostalgia for the beauty of nature and African
memories and the freedom in using all the different cultural elements,
themes, materials and colors. 
For her AW2013 NIGHT STORY collection, designer Sarah Cho takes
inspiration from her childhood spent in Africa. Masterfully contrasting
and reinterpreting a wide variety of inspirations ranging from the wild
fauna, safaris, festive Indian folkloric princess costumes, the fierce
and rawness of nature along with more urban inspirations like abstract
psychedelic art, watercolor block paintings and also the grunge beats of
90's rock and roll. 

The overall silhouette of the collection refers to Art Deco and
Futurism. Artfully juxtaposing unexpected colors like pale pink, magenta
and fire red while introducing rare new materials such as blue jade
semi-precious stones, obscure Swarovski crystals, Czech glass pearls and
hematite, each plays an important role throughout the collection. The
deep grey color of this stone is treated giving off a brilliant
multi-color reflection that resembles the night sky and adds an element
of character completing the puzzle of pieces connecting the AW2013

A voyage into the African desert's
winter night. Feeling the cold, dark and silent wilderness of this
mysterious landscape. Smooth silver sand rippling, reflected by the
white moon, all representing the serene beauty of reserved beauty of
this season’s SCHO NIGHT STORY collection.

SCHO AW13 Collection - CREATIVE DOOR Showroom Invitation

For the full story  www.schostudio.com

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