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A drawing by Ken Adam for your desire
A drawing by Ken Adam, the set-designer for Kubrick’s Dr. Strange Love, inspired Kristofer Kongshaug for his autumn - winter 2013 women’s collection. The designer uses futuristic and architectural shapes with a touch of minimalism, based on extreme tailoring. The theme within this collection is science-fiction industrialization, mixed with anatomical features from human and animal shapes with atmospheric references.

The standard rules of tailoring are eliminated. Everything is three-dimensional and created through moulage, which gives each garment a unique shape and look. The garments are created with classical fibers, used and developed with modern technology, fabrics that can often give the impression of being something they are not. Kristofer Kongshaug uses the most contemporary and luxury fabrics that find their origin in Italy. His shoe line, consisting men and women’s sneakers are also made in the Italian countryside, only using the finest treated leathers.
Architectural garments, which represent shields of passion, body armors that protect the soul within. With anatomical and animalistic features, his Norwegian origins are translated through the power of nature, the cut, the clothing, and the strength that can be accomplished through individual style without ever being scared to express emotion. The craftsmanship and design of each piece is evident and never stops at its façade. He cultivates his difference in his concepts of unique tailoring, cuts and shapes. He breaks the codes of classical luxury and vindicates an elitist style, a sort of anti-conformism in luxury.

About the designer
Raised from three generations of tailoring and craftsmanship, Norwegian designer Kristofer Kongshaug established his line in Paris in 2008, where he’s resided for the past ten-years, experimenting with his roots, the themes of organic industrialization, and evolution, as well as the transformations of the human body. 
Kristofer Kongshaug collections are pieces of thoughts, illusions of life. Each garment has a story; each collection is a chapter of a book that is based on the idea of timeless design. While he obtained experience in collaboration with well-known designers and design houses, such as Givenchy and Anne Valerie Hash, he studied at highly acknowledged fashion-design institutes, Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Esmod in Oslo, and La Chambre Syndical de la Haute Couture Parisienne in Paris, where he graduated from. 

Kristofer Kongshaug’s vision is the definition of contrast living. He does not adhere to imitating trends, yet aspires to create them using his signature, which resides on the edge of Haute Couture tailoring, luxury street-fashion, and the avant-garde, with a focus on New Tailoring. Kristofer Kongshaug proposes a silhouette in perfect accord with the brand.

A drawing by Ken Adam.
by Creative Door
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