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5_Super Fashion Fair! 28 February/2 March 2015 by @Pitti_Immagine
Super presents a new and modern mix of contemporary fashions by established brands, up-and-coming names and young designers, and it meant for buyers on the lookout for novel creations in tune with today's market. With its international breadth - 200 Italian and foreign labels picked for their innovative, cutting-edge approach, focus on quality accessories, and an intelligent price/quality ration - the forthcoming Super will showcase collections for the 2015-16 fall/winter season.

SUPER TALENTS will shine the spotlights on the most promising designers of tomorrow who have been selected by Sara Maino of Vogue Talents. And we will be hearing a lot more about the soon!

Super is also the dynamic host for special events, installation and performances including The Green Closet organized by UK Trade & Investment and the British Consulate-General, showcasing a selection of fashion and design brands dedicated to environmental sustainability.


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