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5_ Super - Accessories Issue by @Pitti_Immagine

SUPER - Accessories Issue

Colorful combinations and amusing plays of shapes and materials are part of a creative whirlwind of hi-tech features, retro touches, and luxury elements that makes bags, footwear, bijoux, eyewear, scarves, hats, and foulards the “closely watched subjects” every season. For Fall-Winter 2015-16, Super features a selection of brands dedicated to those interested in making experimentation an essential experience, where the quality of ideas, new additions, and unique discoveries are just as important as the product, innovative materials, and cutting-edge production.

Super also focuses on the added value of new talents and on a selection of emerging brands that stand out for their unique offerings. Buyers accordingly have the chance to hit the virtual bull’s eye and pick the best.

Among the brands at this edition Pitti Immagine
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