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4ème #SustainableLuxury Forum
The 4th edition of the Sustainable Luxury Forum will be held from 4 to 6 February 2015 at the Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva). As part of a multi-stakeholder platform (luxury brands, civil society and academic community) on # SLF2015 provide answers to the geopolitical challenges, current and future environmental and social.

"Luxury in a changing world: How to account for rising inequality, increasing complexity and resource scarcity is for luxury brand managers and providers, NGOs, international organizations and the academic community.

"Over the past four years, we have observed a change in the social responsibility paradigm of luxury brands is reflected in the increase in brand engagement, and the most progressive suppliers, but they are still a minority" said Christopher H. Cordey, the Sustainable Luxury Forum Founder. "The theme 'Luxury in a world VUCA is of course relevant in a tense geopolitical context, moreover with the rise of inequality and social and environmental challenges in promising regions for this sector."

"For this fourth edition, we welcome the CEO and prestigious speakers from academia and civil society and industry participants to address various challenges - but also opportunities - geopolitical, social and environmental present and future. "said Christopher H. Cordey.


     Dr. Nick Bostrom, Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy / Founding Director, Oxford University / Future of Humanity Institute
     Dr. Gilles Carbonnier, Professor of International and Development Economics, Graduate Institute Geneva
     Mr. Yves Daccord, Director General, International Committee of the Red Cross
     Mr. Jos Linkens, CEO, Neuhaus
     Dr. Bérangère Margarinos-Ruchat, vice president of Sustainability Partnerships, Firmenich
     Dr. Christophe Gironde, Professor, Graduate Institute Geneva
     Dr. Cedric Dupont, Professor, Graduate Institute Geneva
     Mr. Eric Whan, Director, GlobeScan
     Mr. Kempf, Founder / Writer Reporterre
     Mr. Benoit Greindl, CEO, Montagne Alternative
     Mr. Marcello Palazzi, CEO Europe Labs B-Corporation
     Ms. Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Professor, Milano Fashion Institute / University Bocconi
     Mr. Thierry Malleret, Managing Director, Monthly Barometer

The number of participants this highly interactive and participatory event will be limited to ensure open trade in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality; the rule of Chatham House will apply on 5 February.

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The Sustainable Luxury Forum - a Swiss non-profit association founded in 2010 - is a multi-stakeholder platform bringing together luxury brands, suppliers, NGOs, international organizations and the scientific community. Its mission is to coordinate a multi-party dialogue, to anticipate the future, explore organizational systems of corporate social responsibility and to share practical experiences that meet the challenges geopolitical, social and environmental future.

Sustainable Luxury Forum
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