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2015 Night Turf St. Moritz

Night  Turf  St.  Moritz  –  magnificent  world  premiere  of  the  first  horseraces  by night on ice and snow With more than 5000 thrilled spectators the world premiere of the Night Turf St. Moritz celebrated last night a fantastic success on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. For the first time  in  race  history,  dashing  horses  competed  on  the  brightly  illuminated  800m straight for fame and honour during the night on snow and ice. Prince du Chevrel won the  ‘Show  Sprint  Trotting  Race  presented  by  BMW  (Schweiz)  AG’  for  the  Allegra Racing  Club  stable,  with  its  trainer  Claudia  Koller  in  the  sulky.  In  the  ‘LONGINES Show-Sprint  Race’  Cheryl  Schoch  on  Boccalino from the  Chevalex  stable  of  Philipp Schärer’s  quarters  fought  a  breathtaking  dual  against  Carina  Schneider  on  Boris Godunov,  with  Boccalino  coming  in  as  the  winner.  In  the  mounted  ‘Celebrity
Skikjöring  presented  by  CREDIT  SUISSE’,  where  in  all  six  daring  stars  from  the international sports and TV scene caused a sensation, artistic gymnast Ariella Kaeslin was  the  deserved  winner  with  the  grey  Sano  di  Pietro,  ridden  by  Karin  Zwahlen.

Night Turf St. Moritz – magnificent world premiere of the first horseraces by night on ice and snowSpectacular  light  shows  in  the  sky  above  the  race  track,  culinary  delicacies,  hot
sounds by top DJ JAYBEE on the outdoor stage and an exceptional party atmosphere
in the VIP tent with mambo music star LOU BEGA turned these fantastic horse races
by night into a thrilling experience for all involved.

Yesterday, on Friday evening before the first White Turf race on Sunday, spectacular horse
races took place during the night on the frozen lake of St. Moritz for the very first time in the world! From 4 p.m. onwards a great number of spectators poured  onto the frozen lake and enjoyed the funfair atmosphere in the fairytale-like tent city. All kinds of culinary delights from the local first-class hotels  -  Badrutt’s Palace, Kulm, Crystal and Saratz -  were on offer in the heated hospitality tents to warm  up the spectators. To top this off, DJ JABYBEE provided infectious  rhythms  on  the  outdoor  stage.  The  grandstands  were  fully  occupied  by  6  p.m., when the Night Turf St. Moritz event with the first horseraces by night on snow and ice was officially opened with an impressive laser show with the theme ‘Light and Fire’.

An  incomparable  experience  against  the  backdrop  of  the  St.  Moritz  skyline  and  the
mountains After this explosive prelude, as the starting shot was fired for the first show race, the tension was tangible among active sportsmen and spectators alike. The crowd were able to enjoy the evening’s events on the frozen lake free of charge thanks to the municipal authorities and the St. Moritz Spa and Tourist Association. Six highly profiled sulky specialists with their equally renowned  trotters  competed  in  a  spectacular  manner  in  the  ‘Show  Sprint  Trotting  Race presented by BMW (Schweiz) AG’ on the brightly illuminated 800m straight immediately in front  of  the  grandstands.  The  winner  stood  out  clearly  before  the  finishing  line.  Prince  du Chevrel, with total career prize money of almost 600,000 Swiss francs making it the highest winning horse of the weekend on the lake of St. Moritz, gave his opponents no chance in this very first Night Turf race ever. Claudia Koller, who is also Prince du Chevrel’s trainer, sat in the sulky behind this trotter from the Allegra Racing Club stable, belonging to joint owners with  Grison  roots.  The  two  guests  from  Northern  Germany,  Jagger  Broline  with  Stefan Sonnbauer and Yugo with Olaf Schröder, occupied the next two places.   

In the following ‘LONGINES Show-Sprint Race’ an exciting duel took place between favourite Boccalino  and  the  outsider  Boris  Godunov.  Ultimately  it  was  the  young  prospective  rider Cheryl  Schoch  with  Boccalino,  trained  by  Philipp  Schärer  for  the  Chevalex  stable,  who prevailed  over  Carina  Schneider  with  Boris  Godunov.  The  protégés  of  prominently represented multiple German champion trainer Christian Freiherr von der Recke, held back in aristocratic manner and came forth to sixth.
Ariella Kaeslin wins the ‘Celebrity Skikjöring presented by CREDIT SUISSE’
At the end of the show races the eagerly awaited ‘Celebrity Skikjöring presented by CREDIT SUISSE’  enthralled  with  high-calibre  participants!  Six  Swiss  stars  from  the  international sports and TV scene boldly demonstrated their skiing skills behind the noble mounted race horses  from  the  racing  stables  of  Anthony  Middleton,  Christian  Freiherr  von  der  Recke, Philipp  Schärer,  Andreas  Schärer  and  Dagmar Geissmann!  With  speeds  of  up  to  50km/h, Olympic  medallist  Nicola  Spirig  (triathlon)  and  European  champion  Ariella  Kaeslin  (artistic gymnast) competed against no fewer than four men: downhill world champion Bruno Kernen (alpine skiing) seemed to have an advantage at  the beginning due to his experience. He and seven times Ironman-Zurich winner Ronnie Schildknecht (triathlon), Olympic silver medallist and multiple world champion Thomas Frischknecht (mountainbike) as well as the successful and  very  popular  SRF  TV  moderator  Sven  Epiney  gave  their  best.  However,  in  the  end Ariella  Kaeslin  crossed  the  finishing  line  as  the undisputed  winner.  On  the  harness  of  the gelding Sano di Pietro, ridden by Karin Zwahlen, the artistic gymnast was able to rejoice at her success. The high-class grey, trained by Andreas Schärer in Zurich-Dielsdorf for Anton and  Verena  Kräuliger,  will  again  be  among  the  favourites  on  Sunday  in  the  White  Turf Skikjöring.

Illuminated Grand Finale After the captivating racing events and matching the evening’s  prelude, a magnificent laser show illuminated the night sky above the frozen lake of St. Moritz for the Grand Finale with spectacular light and fire effects! The funfair ended for the spectators in the heated tents on the  frozen  lake  with  warm  drinks  and  superb  delicacies  married  with  infectious  après-ski music by star DJ JAYBEE.

Party atmosphere until the wee hours of the morning All  the  spectators  who  had  managed  to  secure  themselves  one  of  the  coveted  admission tickets in advance for the attractive event package in the VIP tent, with welcome cocktail and an exclusive dinner, thoroughly enjoyed the race party in the VIP tent with  music by LOU BEGA,  the  ‘king  of mambo’. The  internationally  renowned  music  star provided  a  sparkling dancing atmosphere!

With  a  total  of  more  than  5’000  visitors  on  the  frozen  lake,  among  them  about  80
international media representatives as well as radio  and TV teams, the Night Turf St. Moritz
premiere was a huge success for the organisers. St. Moritz, 7th February 2015
Further information at: www.nightturf.com


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