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1972 Prestige time for remember
Vacheron Constantin’s 1972  collection has been  making an impression  for over four decades.  Today, there is a new men’s version of this timeless icon  inspired  by the original.  Like the 1972  creation,  the most recent arrival  displays  the balanced asymmetry that strictly follows the proportions of the golden section.  Made of white gold, the new  1972 Prestige  also houses a precious ultra-thin mechanical movement.  A model of sophistication and  elegance,  this  new  icon  bears the  Poinçon de Genève.

Some timepieces are born under a lucky star  and  destined  to change history. Vacheron Constantin’s 1972 model  is definitely one of these.  On June 23,  1972, in the  reception rooms  of the prestigious Ritz Hotel not far from 2 Rue de la Paix, the Comité de France bestowed the rare and coveted  Prestige de la France award on Vacheron Constantin in tribute to  the brand’s  distinctive  expertise,  acquired through  a desire  to achieveauthenticity, technical perfection, and elegance.
Precious metal and the golden section
The 1972 Prestige  hearkens back to its roots in the historic model. It  has the same elegance and  harmonious proportions, is the same size,  and  houses –  as  it did  back in the  day –  a mechanical hand-wound  movement. Like the original, the  new 1972 is embellished  with Prestige de la France engraved on the back. This nod to history, and to one of the countless creative episodes that have been enriching  Vacheron Constantin’s legacy for over 250 years,  is much more than a bold and unusual watch: it is the culmination of a formal study that
drew on art and cultural history as the source of the obvious harmony in  its  evenly distributed  proportions. The 1972 Prestige  takes its strength  and  balance from the principles of the golden section.  For example, the dimension of the  longest  side of the case, divided by the length of the sapphire crystal on the opposite side, equals  1.618  –  the  famous golden section that appears in several of the greatest successes in the history of art and architecture, from the facade of the Parthenon in Athens to Le Corbusier’s Modulor.This  restrained  silhouette is  further set off  by the polished white  gold case.  The natural reflections emphasise the curving lines and shapes of this elegant timepiece .  Like all  the models in this  collection, the
1972 Prestige  has a  camber ed  profile  that  reiterates the  arched  dial and sapphire crystal.  For a highly sophisticated touch,  the  grey  satin-finished sunburst dial  features  subtle chevron motifs  accentuated  by two 18K 5N pink  gold dauphine hands.

A legendary calibre
Since its  beginnings,  the  1972  collection has always housed remarkable mechanical movements.  The new 1972 Prestige  is no exception, since at its heart beats  Vacheron Constantin’s Calibre 1003, an extraordinary mechanical movement.  While the fact that it is made of gold already sets it apart from most movements on the market, its other features are what have made it truly legendary.Calibre 1003  was  developed  starting  in  1952  and introduced on the  company’s two-hundredth birthday in 1955. To this day, it remains  the thinnest  mechanical hand-wound  movement on the market.  Considered by many experts to be one of the most beautiful and sophisticated ultra-thin movements, Calibre 1003 has been defying the laws of mechanics for over 50 years. Making it is extremely complicated, and regulating  it takes all the expertise of a Fine Watchmaking firm.  On this  occasion, Vacheron Constantin  has chosen to use a revisited  version  of this  calibre. It remains only  1.64 mm thick  –  still a record for thinness  on the market.  In contrast, its finishes are more sophisticated than  in the early days, because now the bridges and plate are made of 18K  gold.  Its 117 components work at a frequency of 18,000 vph, and despite its  minuscule  size it has a power reserve of over  30 hours.  It is meticulously finished:  applying the Côtes de Genève motif, circular graining  and bevelling  of the  components,  and drawing of the steel  parts  is  all done entirely by hand.Today, the extreme  slenderness  of Vacheron Constantin’s  Calibre 1003  is paired with the  1972 Prestige model  in  service  to  a  new  stylistic expression,  emboldened by the  asymmetrical white gold case (water-resistant  to 30  metres) and  brown alligator leather  strap.  As a fitting final touch to an exceptional piece, the 1972 Prestige bears the famous Poinçon de Genève (Hallmark of Geneva). 

A limited edition  of 40 for special Boutiques
The same is true of a second version of this 1972 Prestige,  which is styled with more contrast in  shades of black and white. Unveiled for the opening of Vacheron Constantin’s new Paris shop at 2 Rue de la Paix, it is offered in a limited edition of 40 pieces as a boutique exclusive. Extremely sophisticated, it stands out for its shining silvered dial  and glossy black strap  and naturally also has  all the other features that make the  1972 Prestige an exceptional watch in every way.  

 For the opening of its first store in Paris, located at 2 Rue de la Paix, Vacheron Constantin revisits its iconic asymmetrical model.

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