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1828 by zoeppritz / A Tribute to Cultural Heritage // Hommage à un Héritage Culturel
A Tribute to Cultural Heritage 
'1828 by zoeppritz' A Tribute to Cultural HeritageCreated in 2013 under the innovative leadership of Creative director Jan Alt, '1828 by zoeppritz' was launched as a tribute to heritage celebrating 185 years of tradition and savoir faire by home interior concept leaders, 'zoeppritz since 1828'.
Today, 'zoeppritz since 1828' is renowned worldwide in the fields of lifestyle and home interiors and sold all over the world with corners at:
Bon MarchéPrintempsHarrods 
In January 2011, the second 'zoeppritz since 1828' Flagship store opened in the Marais, Paris' art and fashion district.
Jan Alt  - Creative Director
Coming from a fifth generation entrepreneurial textile dynasty, at a very early age, Jan Alt, developed a distinctive passion for precious fabrics and outstanding craftmanship. 
The sophisticated womenswear label '1828 by zoeppritz' was an organic evolution for Jan Alt to incorporate the savoir-faire from his longtime experience in the fields of textiles and interiors into an extraordinary fashion line.
Together with his team, he creates sophisticated looks with an unexpected mix of materials featuring a high quality, individualistic silhouettes.


'1828 by zoeppritz' AW2014 Collection
Bridging the rich heritage of the past and the present by the use of the fine traditional wools and high tech materials, the '1828 by zoeppritz' line, is designed and produced in Germany, for confident women whose style is sophisticated and distinguished at the same time unique. 
The collection is balanced mixing graphicism and elegance, edginess and comfort like asymmetric jumpsuits, bustier dresses made from high tech materials like 'spacer fabric', wool blanket ponchos and two-tone wool biker jackets. 
'1828 by zoeppritz' continually translates tradition into the future. In hommage to this heritage, this season '1828 by zoeppritz' propose the LZ 127 PONCHO (1st image of newsletter) was created in reference to the famous Zeppelin blanket LZ 127 that in October 1928 prevented the crash, of the airship Graf Zeppelin on its first intercontinental flight when eight zoeppritz blankets were sewn together and used to cover the outer casing damaged and thereby saved the lives of many passengers. 
Luxurious traditional and futuristic materials are used in unexpected associations combined with elegant cuts.
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