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sustainability targets by Kering
06/05/14, 14:40
Kering publishes Progress Report on 2016 Sustainability TargetsWe are living in a volatile and constantly changing world. As a We hope that our work will continue to inspire and drive change global society we are facing enormous chal enges and oppor-and that it will ultimately move our industry forward to become tunities as we move towards nine bil ion people on earth, and more sustainable. However, to succeed in this we need to build as we get closer to our “planetary boundaries” on key natural awareness and “buy-in” with many stakeholders across our processes upon which we all depend. As such, we all need to business and industry – we can not do it alone. Col aboration contribute to sustainable development – setting goals and with local and international NGOs, governments, international implementing actions. Business will only thrive in a society organisations and, of course, our suppliers and producers of that thrives and as a business we need to be smart, informed, our raw materials are the key stakeholders that are best placed adaptive and innovative. We need to understand our risks and to support our sustainable goals and facilitate this change seek out opportunities. This is why sustainability is key to us at more broadly. Our business sits in a complex globalised world Kering and why we are integrating it into our core business. In and while that has benefits for many, it means that to real y fact, sustainability is our business imperative, and we are en-make our own business more sustainable we also need to couraging and driving change within our Group, and our sector, leverage change in the context in which we function to ultimately create positive outcomes for people and society. This is a chal enge that we, at Kering, are wil ing to take on but To articulate our commitment to sustainability and to show it also means that meeting our Targets is dependent on not progress, in April 2012, we committed to attaining a series of only how fast we can act and adapt internal y, but also how self-imposed Sustainability Targets across our Brands by 2016. fast we can improve and create sustainable options in the These Targets are focused around key areas of environmental world in which our supply chains function. We are focused and social impacts across our supply chains and our business, and committed to enhancing our own business and to being and encompass our raw material sourcing, our use of water, a business model that can il ustrate and leverage change in efficient use of materials in our products and packaging, our our industry, while being transparent and col aborative in the carbon emissions and how we ensure the highest working process. Transparency with our stakeholders and our custom-standards. All our Targets are important but some are especial y ers around the world is paramount and will help us continue ambitious – as only by setting visionary goals and milestones to chal enge ourselves to reach our sustainable ambitions, will we chal enge ourselves to real y make changes and to drive and to be held accountable in doing so. For this reason, we are more ethical, social and environmental performance that goes presenting to you our mid-term report on our progress towards beyond compliance. We knew when we set some of these Tar-our Targets. For us at Kering, the pay offs in terms of becoming gets we would have to work very hard to achieve them, and that a more robust, vibrant, innovative and sustainable business we would meet new chal enges along the way to ensure our continued success in the future and to create. Since our commitment, our Sustainability Department at positive value for outcomes for people and the environment Kering, our Brands and their Sustainability Leads have been makes the endeavour not only worthwhile, but essential.

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