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Hotels is now available for download
22/06/13, 17:46
Digital Luxury Group with the support of the Chair of Luxury Hospitality of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and Luxury Society, just launched the first World Luxury Index™ HOTELS.
As you had previously downloaded one of our World Luxury Index™, we thought you might be interested in discovering our latest report, which can be downloaded directly here.
Here are some of the key findings:
  • Global interest for luxury hotels remains stable at +1.5%
  • US dominates the luxury hotel industry: 75% of analyzed hotels are American
  • Russians (+12.8%), British (+8.5%) and Chinese (+3.3%) are the fastest growing luxury hospitality consumers; but US consumers represent the largest consumer base for luxury hotel brands globally (66.3%)
  • Hilton, Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons lead their respective categories
  • New York remains the top destination for luxury hospitality destinations worldwide - London, Dubai and Paris are fastest growing international destinations 
The report is part of the World Luxury Index™, an international ranking and analysis of the most sought-after brands within the luxury industry. This study covers 70+ luxury hotel brands within 10 key luxury markets and provides insights on the interest coming from luxury consumers.

The World Luxury Index™ Hotels is now available for download
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