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25/09/14, 15:49
Galeries Lafayette Metz celebrate the culmination of their transformation into the open and reveal their new façade, built by the French architect of international renown, Manual Gautrand. Completely renovated, the facade of the Galeries Lafayette Metz has a new look, modern and sleek. In their dressing glass and mirrors, new windows Street Winston Churchill and street Clerics are sublimated. The immaculate facade is decorated with a red awning. Like a staircase up to the sky, the Marquise brings to the front a new dimension. All reworked in modernity and elegance, this new shop front Metz represents the continued commitment of Galeries Lafayette for art and creation.

Located in the heart of downtown, Galeries Lafayette Metz opened their doors in 1967 under the name of New Galleries. Conveying a strong and contemporary architectural image, the store is in a short time a commercial reference of the city, with an area of ​​10,579 m2.
Galeries Lafayette Metz change over time, especially through the expansion of dedicated spaces Gourmet in 1988, the arrival of Fnac in 2012 or the interior remodeling, which ends in 2013. Today, the facade of this iconic store is completely new and offers the public eye and a bright red awning that enhances the front windows.

This realization led Citynove, land of the Galeries Lafayette Group, punctuates a series of mutations carried out in recent years, the arrival of Fnac to redesign the facade. Given the exceptional circumstances of the Galeries Lafayette in the city of Metz, and a strong desire to promote quality architecture, Citynove chose to entrust the architect Manuelle Gautrand achieving the new marquise, and that of the facade and windows, reinvented under their new design of glass and mirrors.

A lighting design and illumination of the facade has been specifically developed to animate the marquee. At night, the lighting design enhances the red poppy: these are lines of red light surlignent each ply of glass. In 2014, Citynove and Galeries Lafayette offer strong architectural statement, both reflecting supply department store and a strong and attractive for the city picture. With this transformation, the store, more contemporary than ever, is becoming the symbol of commercial and architectural revival of downtown Metz.

ARCHITECT Manual Gautrand

Gautrand manual is the main architect of the agency Manual GAUTRAND ARCHITECTURE
Since the creation of the agency in 1991, Manual Gautrand has designed and built many buildings for large public and institutional clients as a private, in France and abroad. Its main activity is the design and construction of buildings in areas as diverse as cultural facilities (theaters, museums, cultural center), offices and towers, housing, shopping and leisure facilities, etc. Among its existing buildings, the most important are the "C42", the global showcase Citroën on the Champs-Elysees in Paris who has made him known internationally and among the general public, the Gaite Lyrique, a former theater transformed into space dedicated to digital culture and electronic music in Paris, the "LaM" - Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Art brut in Lille, and the City of affairs in Saint-Etienne. His work has been awarded several national and international architectural awards (Chicago Athenaeum Award, World Architecture News, Contractworld Award, Silver Pyramid, Price AMO, etc.). Manual Gautrand is Chevalier of the Legion of Honor and a Knight of the Order of Arts.

The Marquise is composed of a hundred "folds" that assemble one after the other in a large undulating movement that leaves the end of the building and "wings" gradually. The building now reveals a double standard: that instead, by providing a benchmark to his height, urban and monumental, but also pedestrians, offering them now visible and generous input.

Galeries Lafayette

Theater of living mode, Galeries Lafayette offer a diverse fashion through a constantly renewed selection of brands, most presti-gious more accessible. For over a century, Galeries Lafayette detect new designers, new trends for fashion live harder. Galeries Lafayette is so far a network of 64 stores in Paris, in the biggest cities of France and abroad (Berlin, Casablanca, Dubai, Jakarta, Beijing). Present throughout France, Galeries Lafayette is emerging as a real player of the modern com-merce in the heart of cities.

More information: www.galerieslafayette.com

Citynove manages and develops real estate assets of Groupe Galeries Lafayette. The property portfolio Citynove, consisting of department stores Galeries Lafa-yette and BHV, is exceptional for its size (about 800,000 m2 in France) and its location (the businesses downtown).

Citynove initiates and develops property projects bene-ficiant the best locations in the city center and the radiation department store group. Through bold architecture and continuous interaction with local communities, Citynove traces the curves of the store tomorrow for a nicer more attractive and accessible to all real estate.

Citynove increases the commercial attractiveness of the Group's innovative architectural and artistic level through numerous projects including Metz course, but also in Marseille Bourse, Lyon Bron or Annecy.
More information: www.citynove.com

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