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A Cinematic Expression by @NJAL
13/03/15, 12:41
    NJAL applies this week's thematic focus of cinematic style to the NJAL Shop. From boundless extravagance to sumptuous, adoring details—every look is silver screen worthy and a far cry from the blunt connotations of Hollywood's buxom blondes frolicking in fountains, or gaudy seductresses posing with lips pouted over curvaceous frames. Shop the best of NJAL's unapologetic luxury for some screen-studded, self-assured cool right here.

Conjoined Illusion Shoe | Carolin Holzhuber |

Any look at experimental style should start with Carolin Holzhuber. The London-based shoe designer strikes the balance between gaudy extravagance and pared back cool with viscious exaction. The concept behind the collection 'Conjoined Illusion' is all about mirroring, reflection and conjoined twins. Every pair consists of four carbon fibre soles that are connected in different ways, and wouldn't look out of place in an opulent, sci-fi inspired Björk video.

Wool Fringe Coat | Amanda Deleon |

Amanda Deleon's black wool coat with a red ombre fringe screams Tim Burton chauntese, and is definitley a look that a grown-up Wednesday Adams would be sport in her post-collegiate days. DeLeon's line began to develop based on her feelings and experience of death, and the rich architecture of New Orleans.

Beaded Neoprene Dress Coat | Nika Tang |

An incredibly laboured piece that's finished by hand and totally emblematic of Italian cinema's moment of glamour, depth, power and grace. Much like a faithful revival of an age-old Italian classic, Nika Tang marries traditional macrame and tailoring techniques with modern textile printing and fabrication.

14k Gold Diamond Lilith Earrings | Diaboli Kill |

Do you recall this iconic scene from Xavier Dolan's epic Laurence Anyways? The only thing that's missing is Suzanne Clement setting to stun with Diaboli Kill's divine new take on hoop earrings. These seductive lightning bolts of gold are hand crafted in solid 14 karat gold.

Black Lace Maxi Dress | Jiri Kalfar |

A dress made for the killer beauty in your favourite dark teen comedy, which also seems to match Jiri Kalfar's way of thinking too. The designer finds inspiration from a woman who is strong, yet vulnerable, dominant yet introverted too; a woman who finds love and beauty in the most ordinary things. Paging Winona Ryder circa 1990 now.

Mono Blue Sweater | Tvortz |

Tvortz apply some storybook aesthetic treatment to their latest collection. A sweater made from the highest quality of wool and cotton yard blend will set you apart in the streets. Even if you find yourself in the magical kingdom of Maurice Sendak’s classic childhood story Where The Wild Things Are—you’ll be the wildest. Spike Jonze reanimated the classic story into a meaty visual banquet in 2009 for a seriously, sumptuous cinematic experience.

Sleeveless Leather Dress | Jacob Birge |

Whether you need to crack a heart or a colossal security threat, indulge your inner Bond-girl vixen with this fitted, thigh-length dress that’s perfect for concealing your weapon of choice. Featuring hand-designed patterns inspired by technology, it’s as decorative as it is deadly.

Susanoo Cage Medallion Necklace | Harem Royal |

Why is that the most villainous characters in films actually have the best wardrobes? Cruella Deville is just one case in point. Using gold designs that use recycled copper as a base metal, Harem Royal only adorn the most glamorous and dangerous.

Medium Bone Choker | Rachel Entwistle |

This chain is hand worked with tiny pyrite beads, handmade in east London. A perfect accompaniment to a macabre visual for some demonic decadence.

Double Print Long Jacket | Orange Culture |

New York’s infamous downtown art scene has been the subject of many a cinematic focus in recent years. In large part to its enduring style icons, from Andy Warhol to Edie Sedgwick as well as Jean Michel Basquiat. It’s this painterly printed satin jacket that would be an apt uniform for the late, great artist.

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