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Exclusive Charles & Keith in the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
28/03/14, 14:01

Exclusive Europe , from 26 May to 14 June next , the crack addict shoes for spring-summer collection 2014 the Singaporean accessories brand. " Charles & Keith " hitherto impossible to find in Europe! This season, Charles & Keith played between male and female genders, with contemporary shapes and color codes timeless illuminated by the brilliance of silver. The collection combines minimalism and punk twist. This is the shoe night life which completes an outfit day, flat sandals or strappy heels. She has already won many international fashionistas, it is ready to become the best friend of Paris. Visit the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann to discover! About Charles & Keith -The brand specializes in the world of shoe has opened its first store in Singapore in 1996 and has now a complete line of accessories: bags, belts, sunglasses and bracelets. Innovation, accessibility and creativity have attracted around the world.

 - Pop -Up Store Exclusive Charles & Keith - From 26 May to 14 June

- Space Shoes & Footwear , ground floor down the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann


by #Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

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