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@Artspace x @AlexisBittar Benefit Auction
11/02/15, 11:31

As a fervent supporter of the arts and to commemorate his 25-year milestone, Bittar, in partnership with Artspace, has commissioned four prominent contemporary artists, Natasha Law, Juliette Losq, Cordy Ryman and Mickalene Thomas, to create their own visions in Lucite®. Proceeds from sales will benefit The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, of which Bittar is a board member.

How it works:

  • Advanced preview of the artworks will be live on Artspace.com on February 7th.
  • Bidding will begin on February 10th at 9:00AM EST.
  • Place a maximum bid and we will bid on your behalf up to that amount should your current bid be outbid.
  • If you are outbid, you will be notified via email. 
  • Auction will conclude on February 18th at 9:00PM. 
  • Winners will be contacted within 48 hours of the auction close to coordinate billing and delivery. 
  • Happy bidding!
Juliette Losq - Sheldtrume, Mixed Media
Sheldtrume Juliette Losq Mixed Media OPENING BID

Cordy Ryman - Commodore Perry, Print
Commodore Perry Cordy Ryman Print OPENING BID

Natasha Law - Her Head In The Clouds, Mixed Media
Her Head In The Clouds Natasha Law Mixed Media OPENING BID

Mickalene Thomas - Portrait of Iris with Red Glasses, Mixed Media
Portrait of Iris with Red Glasses Mickalene Thomas Mixed Media OPENING BID

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