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Anna Dello Russo: Black Tie Affair
17/01/11, 20:31

The Outrageous Vogue Editor Goes Both Ways in Marco Braga's Film ADRESSCODE

Anna Dello Russo indulged a cross-dressing fantasy to star in and style the cheeky ADRESSCODE, debuting on NOWNESS today. A joint project between the Vogue
Japan Editor-at-Large and her longtime colleague and friend, art
director Marco Braga, the fashion film was conceptualized for the
multimedia exhibition Men in Italy, which runs alongside the fall
2011 menswear shows and features the work of 20 creative couples. "I
like to mix references,” says Braga of the androgyny-themed short, whose
title is a play on Dello Russo’s initials. "It’s everything from
Stanley Kubrick to Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love’ video.” The film pays
tribute to Italian sophistication in classic black and white, mining
labels such as Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. A slick tuxedo by
up-and-coming Turkish designer Umit Benan takes pride of place, anointed
with an architectural accessory synonymous with Milan. "Marco called
and said he’d found a gold Duomo cathedral from the souvenir shop,” says
Dello Russo. "‘Fabulous,’ I said. ‘We can put it in my hair!’”

Press Marco Braga

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