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Wedding anniversary clock
05/06/13, 02:06

This clock counts down the days until your wedding anniversary. The window at the bottom shows the traditional gift associated with each anniversary: running from Paper for the first anniversary all the way to Diamond for 60 years of marriage.

The clock makes a great wedding or anniversary gift and means you'll never be in any danger of forgetting your anniversary!

Full list of wedding anniversaries:

Paper 1 year   Lace 13 years
Cotton 2 years   Ivory 14 years
Leather 3 years   Crystal 15 years
Linen 4 years   China 20 years
Wood 5 years   Silver 25 years
Iron 6 years   Pearl 30 years
Wool 7 years   Coral 35 years
Bronze 8 years   Ruby 40 years
Pottery 9 years   Sapphire 45 years
Tin 10 years   Gold 50 years
Steel 11 years   Emerald 55 years
Silk 12 years   Diamond 60 years

Size of clock: 220mm x 135mm x 50mm (height x width x depth)
Size of packaging box: 260mm x 180mm x 90mm
Case: PVC (CAS 9002-86-2)
Movement: Quartz unjewelled clock movement
Batteries (not included): 1 x AA / 2 x AAA

Wedding anniversary clockhttp://www.mrjoneswatches.com/media/products/Personal-event-side.jpg

by Mr Jones Watches

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