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THVM lives your luxury moment
07/05/13, 01:32
Los Angeles based denim company THVM (This Here Very Moment) and local artist William Lemon III (http://williamlemon.com/ ) have collaborated on a limited collection for the retail trendsetter  - Weltenbuerger  - of  Los Feliz. The result is a well articulated unisex line that is a balance of unique fit and brilliant prints. This  limited edition capsule collection consists of , tops and bottoms that are both bold and beautiful.  The project began when Lemon's personalized alterations of his favorite pairs of THVM jeans were spotted by the companies designers and owners, Brian Kim and Olga Nazarova.  "I wanted to print some avant-garde designs on pants to skate in, and after THVM saw a pair I was wearing we decided to design something together."  The custom screen prints in fresh combinations have all been  designed and hand printed on a stretch canvas fabric by Will himself; truly a work of art.

1764 N. Vermont Ave Los Angeles,CA90027

by Nancy Lucas
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