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22/09/14, 22:11
"Shoes and foods" is the subject of the new edition of the  theMICAM Creative Award international contest organized by Assocalzaturifici: it's a tribute to food, the central theme of Expo 2015.

Competitors  may  focus  on  the  relationship  between  an  element  of  fashion,  such as  shoes,  and  food.  Drawings,  photos,  videos  and  footwear  prototypes  -  and  now gastronomic creations  -  made especially for the occasion will be the media through which participants  will  be  able  to  present  their  own  creative  visions  and  reflections  on  themes like glamour, walking and healthy eating, which are of key importance to the well -being of each and every one of us.

The collection of the works will be inaugurated during  the XIV edition of the CHI E’ CHI AWARDS, to be held today at the Civic Aquarium of Milan:  the collection will continue  to  be  curated  by  the  Crisalide  Press]via  the  link www.crisalidepress.it/themicamcreativeaward/  until  February  2015.

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