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The Printemps celebrates spring hight color!
12/03/13, 10:37
Symbol of renewal, the famous Spring color and creation to celebrate the return of spring. A selection of parade accessories Marc Jacobs in an exclusive Pop-Up Store novel. At the main entrance of a dedicated Spring Fashion invite guests to discover the world of Marc Jacobs. A scenography while repeating stripes printed headlights this season, will unveil a selection of accessories spring-summer 2013. Bags created exclusively for this occasion will be highlighted in this Pop-Up Store unpublished.
Floor -1 Spring Fashion from 19 March to 11 May 2013.

Of gourmet creations created exclusively the pastry and chocolate Hugo & Victor
To celebrate the Spring Festival, the pastry and chocolate Hugo & Victor pastries exclusive offer for department store on Boulevard Haussmann, real symbols of the event hungry. For the taste buds, a nun with floral accents be revisited and a delicate blend of hibiscus and lemongrass head studded with crystallized flowers (begonias, nasturtiums, violet petal flower and orchid Dentro).

Signed up to a bar NARS
To complete this celebration beauty, NARS share expertise through animations makeup. NARS will égalementsa new collection of products such as the new pencil Satin Lips launched a preview on this occasion, and the new light-reflecting powders fixating:
loose powder and compact powder. Looks makeup "flash" the NARS Spring collection

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