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St. Patrick's Day ~ Gift Ideas by D. Porthault Paris
05/03/15, 21:51
St. Patrick's Day ~ Gift Ideas by D. Porthault Paris

The French writer and intellectual Louise de Vilmorin, a friend and client of the Porthaults, inspired the brand’s iconic Clovers (Trèfles) design.  In her letters to her brothers during WWII, Louise would sign her name with a large “L” embellished with a 4-leaf clover – each leaf representing one of her four brothers away from home. All four boys survived, and were reunited with their sister in Paris after the war.  

For the house of Porthault, the Clovers design has always symbolized faith, hope and the blessing of good fortune.  Today, we incorporate this motif on linens for the bed, bath and table, as well as on handkerchiefs, guest towels, cocktail napkins and sachets.

Shop the full Trèfles collection ONLINE and in our boutique by visiting us at 470 Park Avenue New York, NY 10022 or calling the store at (212) 688-1660.
(select items available in pink)

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