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Richemont reflecting the changed
26/03/13, 19:17
Richemont announces the retirement of Ms Pilar Boxford, effective 1 April 2013.  She will step down from the Group Management Committee at that time.  Reflecting the changed role of the Group Management Committee announced in November 2012, Ms Boxford will not be replaced on the Committee.
Ms Boxford joined Cartier Paris in 1979 as Product Manager for the launch of Cartier Parfums and subsequently became responsible for Cartier’s worldwide public relations strategy.  Five years later, she transferred to Cartier London as Communications Director.  In 2004, Ms Boxford was appointed Group Public Relations Director and joined the Group Management Committee.  Following her retirement, she will continue as a consultant, supporting the Maisons on key public relations matters.

by Richemont
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