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"Fac Simile" by Paco y Manolo
25/04/13, 12:26
Two years ago we discovered the film "Impossible". Since then, and under the generic title of "Forgotten Dreams", we have done two exhibitions with this images. We have sold a lot and some others are scattered in different galleries, and as they are original copies, we decided to put them all together in a book, so they could stay with us forever.
The result of all this work is to be seen in "Fac Simile", a book in 10 instalments.
"Fac Simile" is a book of photos taken with Polaroid cameras. A collection of our favourite images from 1997 up to now, that will only be on sale on our website an in the shop Impossible Barcelona.


16 pages color offset - 21 x 27 cm.
2012 - Kink Ediciones
The edition is limited to 300 copies.
You can purchase also Kink 18.

by Kink
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