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@Pininfarina rises to 5th place among Italian architecture and design Companies
24/11/14, 12:26
A significant leap ahead in the chart for Pininfarina Extra, the Group company active in the fields of industrial design, interior design, architecture, yachts and airplanes. In a year it earned five positions from 10th to 5th place in the Top 100 of Architecture and Design Companies operating in Italy. These facts come to life from the 2014 Report on Entrepreneurship of the Project, edited by prof. Aldo Norsa of IUAV University of Venice.

These new results represent a further affirmation for Pininfarina Extra, born in 1986 to extend the competences of the Pininfarina Group beyond automotive. Among the over 500 projects developed along the years, the most recent in the Architecture and Interior Design regard the United States (the 1100 Millecento luxury apartment building in Miami and the luxury Beachwalk development in Hallandale Beach, Florida), Argentina (nautic complexes Tifon Baigorria in Rosario and Tifon Tigre in Buenos Aires),  Brazil (Cyrela, luxury condo in San Paolo, for which Pininfarina has authored the external architecture), Singapore (the superb Ferra building, which won the “Object of Desire 2013” award), Polonia (Proximo, an A Class office complex in Warsaw developed for Hines, international real estate firm).

In Italy, after the great success of the Juventus Stadium in Turin, which was awarded the Innovation Award Stadium, and the Private Chapel of Riardo, the Lagrange12 building is coming up in Turin, for which Pininfarina designed the interiors. Other projects are planned for 2015, starting with the Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina to be built in the Italian Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan.


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