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#PHILIPPPLEIN launches the new corporate magazine PLANET PLEIN
08/04/15, 21:07
PHILIPP PLEIN presents PLANET PLEIN, the new bi-annual corporate magazine that portrays the universe of the Swiss Maison and its designer. Uncensored and spontaneous.  Revealing activities behind the scenes that have contributed to the success of a brand that in just10 years has become a major player in the international fashion system.
PLANET PLEIN, conceived and realized by the PHILIPP PLEIN Hit Factory, is dedicated to the men’s and women’s collections of  the spring/summer 2015 season. 

 A triumph of images, lights and color that recreate the atmosphere and charged emotion that Philipp Plein manages to transmit through his fashion shows and  advertising campaigns, in addition to his parties and openings packed with celebrities and members of the international jet set.
Please find press release attached and below the link to the digital version of PLANET PLEIN:

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