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not just shoes: Assocalzaturifici widens its scope to the entire industry
22/05/14, 13:28

The news was announced at the Assocalzaturifici Executive Board meeting held in Bologna last week. The Association, which pools together and represents over 700 footwear manufacturers, has unanimously approved the decision to support the request received by over 140 manufacturers of footwear components and accessories, while also addressing requests from businesses in the industry, in particular the local associations of Confindustria Fermo and Macerata, supported by Confindustria Rome.
"The Board of Assocalzaturifici was pleased to welcome the request of manufacturers of footwear components and accessories with a view to identifying synergies with Assocalzaturifici," says the President of Assocalzaturifici, Cleto Sagripanti.
"This is certainly the first big step towards representing the entire fashion accessory industry, in line with the directives of the Pesenti
Confindustria reform, which clearly states the aim of pooling together various connected sectors. To this end, we have also reached out to the AIMPES association that represents manufacturers of bags and leather goods."
"In these difficult times, building a strong association that represents the entire leather supply chain," says President Sagripanti, "provides a clear signal and a tangible chance of recovery for the industry."

by #Ufficio Stampa e Comunicazione Italia

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