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Morgenthal Frederics Introduces Garbo and Cooper
06/05/13, 23:41

Morgenthal Frederics buffalo horn frames are handcrafted
in Germany from multiple layers of genuine Asian water buffalo horn. Each horn displays unique natural colorations, which allows Morgenthal Frederics to create frames that
are truly one of a kind. These distinctively natural striations and the material’s lightweight quality make horn frames both exceptionally beautiful and comfortable to wear.



The Morgenthal Frederics sun collection presents
the perfect blend of fashion and design. Each frame is handcrafted from the finest buffalo horn, acetate and titanium, and paired with exceptional lens technology.



Morgenthal Frederics specializes in creating the most luxurious optical frames in the world by handcrafting them using the finest materials. Utilizing buffalo horn, acetate and titanium, these frames bring together comfort and aesthetics to produce a first-class optical experience for those who wear them.

Morgenthal Frederics

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