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Metropolitan Museum of Art to Return Two Khmer Sculptures to Cambodia
07/05/13, 11:33
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York announced today that it will
return to the Kingdom of Cambodia two 10th-century Koh Ker stone statues
of "Kneeling Attendants”—donated in separate stages to the Museum
in the late 1980s and early 1990s—and on public display in its Asian
Wing for nearly 20 years. The Met recently came into possession of new
documentary research that was not available to the Museum when the
objects were acquired.

The decision follows a recent meeting in Phnom Penh between senior
museum officials and representatives of the Cambodian government.

* Kneeling Attendant, ca. 10th century (Museum Accession Numbers 1987.410 and 1992.390.1)
* Kneeling Attendant, ca. 10th century (1989.100 and 1992.390.2)

The works were presented as separate gifts to the Museum over a period
of years. The head from the first of the pair of reunited Kneeling
Attendants (1987.410) was donated in 1987 by Spink & Son Ltd. and
Douglas A. Latchford. The second head (1989.100) came as a gift from
the late Raymond G. and Milla Louise Handley in 1989. The two torsos
were subsequently donated by Mr. Latchford in 1992.

The matching heads and torsos were reassembled by Museum conservators in
1993 and placed on display in the Galleries for South and Southeast
Asian Art (Gallery 289) in 1994, where they have remained on view since.

The Kneeling Attendants have been widely published in scholarly
publications, and posted along with photographs and provenance
information on the Museum’s website.

by The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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