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Kate Bosworth, Joe Manganiello & More Celebrate An Icon Centenary
26/02/15, 14:36
Actress Kate Bosworth, actor Joe Manganiello, Real Housewife of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey, restaurateur Giovanni di Palma and author Emily Giffin will be at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to celebrate the opening of the The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100. 

Kate Bosworth, Joe Manganiello & More Celebrate An Icon Centenary
In conjunction with the High Museum of Art, the four-part exhibit salutes the Coca-Cola bottle and its special place in the worlds of art, design and commerce over the past 100 years. For the first time ever, two original Andy Warhol paintings are displayed alongside over 100 original bottle-inspired artworks and photographs. The exhibit also includes original bottle prototypes and sketches and will be open to the public from February 28 and close on October 4, 2015.
Footage will be available via APTN Global Satellite Feed:
  • Date:      Friday 27th February 2015 
  • Time:      0545 – 0600 GMT 
  • Re Feed: 1900 – 1915 GMT
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