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Give the Card That Gives: #Nordstrom Gift Cards Support Community Nonprofits
15/04/15, 10:52

Giving has a way of making people feel good. Now, when you purchase a Nordstrom Gift Card, you can feel even better about the gift you give because Nordstrom is donating one percent of every Gift Card sale to local nonprofits in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

"As a company we've focused on giving back to the communities that support us, so we're really excited that through this new gift card giving program, we have an even bigger opportunity to do more," said Jamie Nordstrom, president of stores for Nordstrom, Inc. "When a customer buys a gift card this Mother's Day and beyond, we hope they'll feel good knowing that the gift they're giving is a part of Nordstrom helping some great non-profit organizations do amazing things for their communities."

Nordstrom will use funds from gift card sales to support two giving programs: Nordstrom-directed corporate contributions and a newly-launched Employee Charitable Match program. Each year for the last 40-plus years, hundreds of organizations (from thousands that apply) are selected to receive cash grants from Nordstrom. Though the company supports a variety of programs and organizations, it primarily focuses its giving on efforts aimed at taking care of kids and empowering youth. Funds from the Nordstrom Gift Card program will also support the company's new Employee Charitable Match program. Launching in summer 2015.

"Giving back to the communities we serve has long been a tradition for us here at Nordstrom," Nordstrom continued. "Tying our company's commitment to giving back to our gift cards is a great way for us to further demonstrate to our customers, our employees and those who receive a Nordstrom Gift Card that we are a company that is invested in the long term health of our communities. We can't wait to see how our efforts are making an impact, hopefully for years to come."

To buy a Nordstrom gift card, visit nordstrom.com/giftcard. To learn more about organizations Nordstrom supports, the online application process for donations and other ways the company gives back, visit nordstromcares.com.


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