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Galeries Lafayette announce the opening of their first outlet shop
12/09/14, 16:13
Galeries Lafayette announce the opening of their first outlet shop, Galeries Lafayette Outlet in the shopping center located at One Nation Paris Clayes-sous-Bois, just 30 minutes from central Paris. With a space of 800 meters on the ground floor of the shopping center One Nation Paris, Galeries Lafayette Outlet offer seven days a week over 50 fashion brands in the previous season to the outlet price, offering reduced -30% to -60% on the original selling price. Frequent arrivals collections of major brands of clothing and accessories for Woman and Children will experience the spirit of Galeries Lafayette One Nation Paris.

On the occasion of this announcement, Nicolas Houze, CEO Branch department stores of Galeries Lafayette, said: "The opening of our first outlet store in the Paris region demonstrates the ability of Galeries Lafayette to constantly renew and initiate trends. The pattern of clearance shops, still underdeveloped in France, allows us to offer an alternative to the mode that we offer every day in our stores in a database always broad and diverse clients, and at extremely competitive prices. This first store Galeries Lafayette Outlet is an attractive development opportunity in France, and we are pleased to be the first department store to deploy this concept.

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