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Fragrant rays of sunshine
25/03/13, 00:18
Even though the temperatures at present are more akin to Christmas, the spring cannot be held back and more importantly:
Easter is on its way and the Easter Bunny is already hopping impatiently around.
Perfect to the seasons begin, wonderful new spring fragrances have been popping up like
crocuses in our collection and we’d like to take the time to introduce a few of them to you.

The Oud Collection by Francis Kurkdjian
Friends of Oriental delights and strong fragrances are sure to swoon when they come
face to face with the "Oud Collection" by Maison Francis Kurkdjian:
"Velvet Mood","Cashmere Mood" and "Silk Oud"
envelop us with the most precious materials from which the tales of
One Thousand and One Nights are woven.
Jul et Mad
If you prefer something a little finer and more distinguished then let yourself melt away
with "Jul et Mad": a dream couple, whose love story has been turned into fragrant impressions:
If you order an Easter surprise for a loved one now, we’ll deliver punctually within Germany
so that the Easter Bunny still has plenty of time to hide it.

Aus Liebe zum Duft
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