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Flesh and Blood
13/02/13, 14:08
Joana Vasconcelos is taking part on the group show Flesh and Blood, at the Museum on the Seam | Socio-Political Contemporary Art Museum, in Jerusalem. The exhibition features 36 works from 26 artists from 12 different countries.

'The exhibition Flesh and Blood attempts to scrutinize the existing harsh relationship between mankind and other animals, and to challenge us to show sensitivity and to face the reality which the majority amongst us is not sufficiently aware of. The exhibition calls upon us to look at the flesh and blood as a fabric connecting the family of animals, of which we are part of, and to treat it with respect and compassion.'
Raphie Etgar

Tenório, 2009
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro acrylic painted faience, bobbin lace, handmade cotton crochet
65 x 54 x 61 cm
Courtesy Haunch of Venison, London

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